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Experience the exceptional journey of real estate with Delia, a highly accomplished and trusted agent renowned for her expertise in the vibrant city of Toronto and the bustling GTA. With a lifelong passion for the industry, Delia has continuously refined her skills, establishing herself as an authority in the field.

With her deep understanding of the ever-evolving Toronto and GTA housing market, Delia keeps a close eye on market trends, guiding her clients through complex transactions with ease. Her unwavering commitment to client success has earned her a reputation as a trusted and reliable agent. 

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Delia takes pride in helping clients achieve their real estate dreams, recognizing that it’s about more than transactions; it’s about finding the perfect lifestyle. By truly understanding her clients’ needs, she offers tailored solutions, empowering them to make informed decisions with confidence.

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Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

What are the closing costs likely to be?

In Ontario, closing costs typically range between 1.5% to 4% of the property’s purchase price. These costs may include land transfer tax, legal fees, home inspection fees, and other administrative costs. Being well-versed in the local market, I can provide a detailed breakdown of what to expect in closing costs based on the specifics of your transaction.

The buying process begins with a thorough understanding of your needs and budget. Following that, I’ll provide insights into suitable neighborhoods and available listings. Once we’ve shortlisted properties, I’ll arrange viewings, and upon finding the right home, I’ll assist with making an offer, negotiations, and navigating through the closing process, ensuring all legal and financial aspects are handled seamlessly.

Absolutely, over my years of experience, I’ve built a robust network of professionals including mortgage brokers, home inspectors, and contractors. Their expertise ensures a smooth transaction and helps address any concerns you might have during the buying or selling process.

My support extends beyond the sale. I remain available to answer any questions, provide recommendations for home maintenance professionals, or offer guidance should you decide to buy or sell again in the future.

Certainly, I can provide a list of references and testimonials from satisfied clients who have benefited from my services in the Toronto real estate market. Their experiences attest to my dedication and expertise.

The market value is determined through a comprehensive comparative market analysis, which includes analyzing similar properties that have recently sold in the area, evaluating current market conditions, and assessing the unique features and condition of the property. This thorough analysis ensures an accurate market value that aids in pricing the property competitively.

Toronto is a mosaic of vibrant neighbourhoods each with its unique charm. Areas like The Annex and High Park offer a harmonious blend of residential tranquility and urban amenities, while neighbourhoods like Yorkville and the Entertainment District are known for their bustling lifestyle and proximity to high-end dining and shopping venues. As a seasoned Realtor, I provide tailored advice, ensuring you find a neighbourhood that resonates with your lifestyle and financial considerations.

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